Dubai is a city of contrasts, a land where the old and the new, traditional and modern, east and west, blend seamlessly to create a fascinating and exciting destination.

It is a welcoming city with a charming ambience rooted in traditional Arabian hospitality topped with an ultra-modern flourish. The kaleidoscopic blend of people and cultures brings to the city a unique fusion of influences.
Dubai is the entertainment, shopping, sports and culinary capital of the Middle East. Home to some of the world's finest hotel chains and dining options that include a range of eclectic local and international cuisine, Dubai offers you the world on a platter.

Recreational facilities are available in abundance and the entertainment ranges from traditional celebrations to trendy night life options. The numerous shopping malls feature some of the world’s best brands, at competitive prices. And it gets even better during the Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises, when people from across the globe throng into the city year after year to relive their enchanting shopping experiences.

Dubai is an extremely safe city with sunny weather all through the year. Add to all this the pristine beaches and the timeless landscapes of the desert and it is easy to see why Dubai is an exciting year-round destination. Dubai is one of the Middle East's most successful stories and has set precedents for the entire region with its vision and diversity. Known in the region as the ‘City of Merchants’, Dubai has welcomed seafarers and traders to its shores for generations. Today, this tradition of courtesy and hospitality lives on, and has something to offer everyone, from holidaymakers seeking a quiet, relaxing break to adventurous tourists looking for a new exciting adventure.

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